If you are having trouble submitting a claim to HMRC or saving a backup file - the problem that you are having may be resolved by carrying out the following steps:

1. Open a command prompt in Windows with admin rights:

a.       Windows Vista/7: Click start and type cmd in the search box above the start button, right click cmd.exe and select run as administrator

b.       Windows 8: Similar to the above click start but then click the magnifying glass on the top left

c.       Windows 10: The search box or button will be on the bottom left next to the start button

2. Run the following command: cd [full path of installation/network folder]  (Default Location: C:\Data Developments\Donations7).

3. Then type the command: RegAsm ClaimsModule.dll /codebase (ensure you have a space between dll and /)

4. Press enter

After running the command you should receive something similar to the following image: